COVID-19 In-Person Instruction Proposal Form for Fall 2020 Classes
This form applies to the following course types: lecture, discussion, colloquium, seminar, screening, workshop, demonstration, additional lecture, laboratory, studio and fieldwork. It does NOT apply to: individual study, thesis, practicum, consultation, term paper, tutorial, written work, extra reading, clinic, internship or research.

UCR is currently in Phase 2 operations, under which in-person instruction is not allowed for lecture, discussion, colloquium, seminar, screening, workshop, demonstration, additional lecture, laboratory and studio courses. The campus is planning to be in Phase 3 for fall quarter, in which case in-person instruction for these types of classes would be allowed by exceptional approval. An official decision on whether to move to Phase 3 will be made closer to the start of fall quarter. In-person instruction for field courses is allowed by exceptional approval in both Phase 2 and Phase 3.

Instructors of record must use this form to request exceptional approval for in-person instruction for the above listed course types. Proposals must then be approved by the cognizant department chair or program director before being forwarded to the dean for additional review and approval. Because the campus will be able to support only a limited number of classrooms for in-person instruction, some proposals may not be approved due to space limitations. In-person instruction may not take place in unsupported classrooms.

Instructors of record are advised to proceed as follows before submitting this form:

1. Review UCR's Instructional Continuity Plan here:
2. Discuss your preference for in-person instruction with the cognizant department chair or program director.
3. Determine if other affiliated instructors (e.g. TAs, lab assistants) are willing to teach in-person.
4. Develop a plan for in-person instruction that upholds the requirements of the Instructional Continuity Plan, including remote accommodation for students who are unable or unwilling to attend in person. Minimum requirements, recommendations, and consultation for developing a remote option is available here:

Submit one form for each unique course number that is being proposed for in-person instruction. For example, CHEM 001A includes both lecture and discussion sections. There is also a separate lab component: CHEM 01LA. If any of the CHEM 001A lecture or discussion sections are being proposed for in-person instruction, submit one form for all of these. If any of the CHEM 01LA lab sections are being proposed, submit an additional form for these. For a cross-listed course, submit one form using the course's "home" department/program designation.

Proposals must be approved by the chair/director and dean, and forwarded to the Registrar before August 1 for priority consideration. Proposals received on August 1 or later will be considered on a rolling basis. Instructors will be notified via email of whether a successful room assignment was made.

If you have questions about the proposal process, please contact Associate Provost Ken Baerenklau ( If you run into any problems submitting this form, please contact Julia McLean in the Provost's Office (
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