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Global Access and Inclusion Foundation is now providing FREE Food Boxes with essential supplies to families and individuals who cannot afford to buy food due to financial hardships.

● This is an inclusive program that welcomes individuals and families of any cultural and religious backgrounds, as well as people of colour, ethnic minorities, indigenous and new immigrants. 

● Please be considerate when you apply, as food box quantities are limited. Only people who are in real need of food should apply to this program.

● Food and ingredients are assorted and may vary in quality, however, you can provide some suggestions on this form as to what products you may need the most.

● This a weekly program, and will not auto-renew at the end of each week. You'll need to apply each time you want the service to continue. Contact us for further assistance.

For any questions or inquiries regarding this form or our "Food Security Program", please reach us at
Email: | Phone: +1 (604) 722 3177


By filling out this form, you'll be agreeing to our terms and conditions. Our terms are conditions are as followed:
Food boxes and other supplies are prepared following Industry Food Donation Guidelines; however, GAIF or any affiliated society or groups are not held responsible for any reactions to digested foods, unexpected allergies, misused of any provided products and food poisoning. In case of any medical emergency, please call your nearest hospital or 911.
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