2020 Education Nomination
Nominees must have lived in Region 19 and Southern New Mexico for a minimum number of consecutive years, must meet award criteria and represent a high standard in supporting award category efforts.
Multiple Years Winner - 2nd-year nominees can be eligible to win in a different category.
The “Outstanding School Achievement Award” can also go to a “club” associated with a school.

Award Criteria
The nominee must have achieved a high degree of recognizable success and accomplishment in his/her category of nomination. The individual’s contribution must have developed over an extended period of time and should not be limited to a single feat. The nominee should not only be successful in his/her area of work or profession but must have also gone beyond his/her call of duty and demonstrated service to his/her community. The nominee must be of good moral character to serve as a positive role model for youth.

Award Categories
CREEED Education Leadership Award
El Paso Electric Regional Innovator Award
Glassell Family Foundation Inspirational Pathway Award
Prudential Math Architect Award
Entrepreneurship Producer Award
Outstanding School Achievement Award
STEAM Creator Award
Technology Cultivator Award
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Other supporting material about the nominee’s background, triumphs over adversity/support of STEAM events and activities that support area youth, and how he/she has exhibited worthy traits to define this person as a positive role model.
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