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So that we can design an experience to best meet your needs, please rate your familiarity with the following CS tools & platforms? *
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Used it myself
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Block-based programming (Scratch, Snap!, Blockly, etc.)
CS Unplugged
Coding Apps (Kodable, LightBot, Tynker, etc.)
Beginner Physical Computing (LittleBits, MakeyMakey, Micro:bit, etc.)
Advanced physical computing (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, GEMMA, etc.)
Beginner robotics (BeeBot, Dot&Dash, Sphero, Ozobot, etc.)
Advanced Robotics (Finch, Hummingbird, Lego Mindstorm, etc.)
App Making (MIT App Inventor)
Web (Frontend - HTML/CSS/JavaScript)
Web (Backend - server side)
Please rank your current level of confidence that you would be able to implement a CS-infused lesson into your existing program. *
Not at all confident
Very confident
How did you find out about the CS Institute? *
Would you willing to be part of a research study on the effectiveness of this professional development? *
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The CS Institute is free to attend. We are lining up sponsors to help support to cover food and some scholarships for stipends. Do you require a stipend to attend the institute? *
Are you interested in joining the CS Cohort being established on July 8? This cohort will get together and be supported throughout the year. *
Are you interested in getting practical experience guiding CS activities with students from Camp Corwith on July 9 & 10?
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