PLEASE READ: Contributors will write a new piece approximately once every two weeks. They work primarily with the columns and projects deputy editors (Caitlin McCormick, BC '21, and Sanjay Paul, CC ’20) and associate editors, and they also collaborate with the editorial page editors, Kaili Meier, BC ’21, and Erin Neil BC ’21, who oversee all content published on Spectator’s Opinion pages. Contributors will be required to attend one WEEKLY BRAINSTORM SESSION at the Columbia Daily Spectator offices on Sundays. They should be in regular contact with their editors (and illustrators for columnists), and disclose any and all potential conflicts of interest.

Each semester, Spectator recruits contributors for two different types of content: Columns and Discourse and Debate. Discourse and Debate is a bimonthly platform that recruits a small group of contributors to engage with important questions and issues relevant to campus life. D&D contributors will be asked to interact with the ideas of their co-contributors during weekly meetings and to craft nuanced written responses to each other. Columnists, meanwhile, publish a new column every other week on a topic of their own choosing, often related to a specific theme they have decided they want to write about for the duration of the semester.

Applicants for the Spectator contributor role will be considered for both Discourse & Debate and columnist roles, although their noted preference will be taken into account. Writers looking to collaboratively respond to curated, often political or philosophical campus questions with shorter responses might prefer D&D. Writers who would like to write longer pieces on more personal—but still campus-related—subjects might gravitate toward columns.

Applications are due on MONDAY, JANUARY 28 at MIDNIGHT. If an issue arises which prevents you from meeting the deadline, please reach out to Erin and Kaili at opinion@columbiaspectator.com. Selected applicants will be contacted to schedule an interview that will take place during the evening hours of TUESDAY, JANUARY 29 - WEDNESDAY JANUARY 30. Please keep your nights available for the interview. Questions can be directed to opinion@columbiaspectator.com.


As part of the application process, we ask you to submit a new and unique WRITING SAMPLE in this form that must:
• be between 600 and 800 words,
• be uniquely relevant to the Columbia University community (i.e. addresses an issue/topic specific to Columbia),
• not have been previously published in Spectator or any other publication, including social media

Your sample should be representative of the voice, tone, and style you intend to take as a contributor. If you are selected as a columnist, YOUR WRITING SAMPLE WILL BE PUBLISHED AS YOUR FIRST COLUMN of the semester after necessary revisions have been made. A space to submit this writing sample has been provided below.

NOTE: If you are a re-applying contributor, it is still necessary to fill out the entire form.

Class Year
Social Media
Extracurriculars and/or Campus Leadership Roles
Would you prefer to be considered as a columnist or contributor for Discourse & Debate?
Why do you want to be a contributor for Spectator? (200 words)
What is something that you feel isn’t talked enough about on campus that you would like to address? What, in your opinion, are the three most important campus topics right now? (200 words)
Writing sample (600-800 words)
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