Conscious Hip-Hop Artist Database
The Conscious Hip-Hop Artist Database is a project of Hip-Hop 4 Black Unity
The purpose of this database is multi-fold:

1. To showcase Conscious, Pro-Black, Revolutionary Artists and Groups in order to combat negative images and messages in Hip-Hop and present a positive Alternative for our people, particularly the youth.

2. To encourage Networking among these Artists and Groups who previously may not have been aware of each other and in so doing foster relationships and facilitate collaborations, tours, albums, promotions, marketing, merchandise and other opportunities for mutual advancement and in furtherance of the overall goal of sending a positive message.

3. Provide a clear provable argument to naysayers, haters and critics who claim "Hip-Hop is dead" or "All Hip-Hop today is garbage" This database will be indisputable proof that there are many artists from all across the country who do care and who are speaking from truth, and not promoting misogyny, self-hate, violence, materialism, etc.

4. Provide a clear alternative for Parents and others who may be searching for Hip-Hop which is better for their children. This database contains artists who use strong language and therefore parental discretion is advised, however you will find all artists contained herein have messages which are cultural, historical, afrocentric, pro-black, conscious, revolutionary, wholistic, militant, radical, etc.

You can contact Hip-Hop 4 Black Unity and the Conscious Hip-Hop Artist Database at:
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