Stent crimpers
 All questions are optional and feel free to answer how much ever and submit at any point you like. We appreciate any feedback you can give us with regards to your experience in using stents and stent crimpers.
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Place of Employment
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Have you ever used a stent crimper device before? (any type)
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(IF USED A STENT CRIMPER BEFORE:)                                                                                                                                                           The following Questions are if you answered 'Yes' to having used a stent crimper before.
If you answered 'No' you can skip ahead to the 'HAND CRIMPING SECTION'
What type of stent crimpers have you used?
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Do you use the device often?/Is the crimper readily available to you in your place of work?
Is your crimper able to crimp multiple types of stents?
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Are you happy with the size of your stent crimper? (good size/worktop space/bulky/etc)
What do you like about the device?
What do you not like/what would you change about the device?
Is the device easy to use?/Does it require special training?
Have you ever encountered a problem with the device: Before/During/After use?
How do you feel about cost of crimper? (what was the price?)
Are all stents crimped onto a catheter?
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Have you ever used a manual stent crimper before?
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(MANUAL CRIMPER DEVICES:)                                                                                                                                                           The following questions are for those who answered 'Yes' to the last question about manual stent crimpers
If you answered 'No' skip ahead to 'HAND CRIMPING SECTION'
What did you like about the manual device?
What did you not like about the device?
Was it easy to use?/ Does it require training?
Was it difficult to control the force applied or to crimp to desired diameter?
How do you feel about the cost of the manual crimper?
if you HAVE ever crimped a stent by hand please answer the following questions, otherwise, skip ahead to the 'STENT SECTION'
Why do you/your team need to crimp by hand? (no crimping device available/off-label use of stent/etc)
How often is hand crimping required?
Are you confident crimping by hand? / Would you prefer to use a machine if it were possible?
Have you/your team encountered any problems when crimping by hand: Before/During/After crimping?
Please answer the following questions about stents
Are the stents you use in your occupation bought pre-crimped?
Could you give a range of diameters and lengths of the stents most commonly used?
What type of stents do you use?
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Thank you so much for your time and help, we really appreciate it!
For any queries contact or
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