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Hey there! I'm Ashley V and I'm so glad you're here!

If you've come across this application you may have heard me talk about working from the comfort of anywhere my cellphone goes, may have your own need for extra income, and I'm willing to bet that you're questioning if this is a real thing people actually do...
it is! And it might just be the right opportunity for you, too!

My own need came from being tired of working long hours and having little to show for it; after one too many arguments over money with my fiance, I realized that what we were doing wasn't enough! For years, up until November 2019, I worked as an Office Manager/HR and was basically a one-woman office trying to keep a sinking ship afloat! Almost every day I left the office and rushed to pick up my twin toddlers from daycare to lug them across town for therapies. Ever since they were diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, I felt like we were trapped in a cycle of living paycheck to paycheck, trying to take out cash advances, and high credit card usage so that we could afford to get my children the care that they need.
Between you and me, monthly payments for daycare and therapies cost as much as our rent in Miami!
Aside from that I started to develop a nasty habit of bringing home that stress, anxiety, and frustration. I hated who I was becoming and how I was acting toward people that I loved because of all the unease and tension of my former workplace.

After 9 months of consistent action while working both jobs, it hit me that this side hustle was bringing in as much monthly income as the office job that kept me limited to the same hourly wage for years. Long story short, it became possible for me to come home full time. Now I have the flexibility to be with my autistic sons and give them the attention they need to flourish WHILE bringing in a more substantial income with less "work hours" in a day!

Now I am SO happy, the difference in me has been the greatest experience that I can't even describe!
I have gotten rid of financial stress and opened up my schedule, my life, to be mine again.
I was able to pay off 2 credit cards and continue to make monthly rent and utility payments.
I was able to fund my family's first vacation to Disney's Magic Kingdom and Blizzard Beach.
My fiance and I have built up a 4-figure savings account that we're actively growing toward our first home.
I get to lead and mentor dozens of women to a better future and show them how to change the financial future of their families, too!

I feel driven and inspired every day because my future is 100% up to me - I don’t rely on a boss or an hourly wage. I get to determine my own income based on my work ethic and what I want. My goals ARE attainable and SO ARE YOURS!
I am surrounded by likeminded and ambitious women who lift me up and encourage my success; not try and stifle it.
And most importantly, I feel FREE. My family is well-cared for because this business works around our schedule and not the other way around.

My life is now mine. I control my income, I control my schedule, my time, & I control my goals and my success. I am in control of my life and I couldn't imagine it any other way.

If you're anything like me, maybe you don't want to spend the rest of your life working for someone else, clocking into a job that has no flexibility, and having a capped salary. Maybe it’s the freedom and the big goals that drew you to this. Maybe you’ve always wanted to build something of your own too but you didn’t know where to look or how to start.

Or maybe you like your current job, but you'd like an extra side hustle to increase that monthly cash flow!

Either way -

You are allowed to dream bigger.
You deserve everything you desire.
Your life is yours.
And I am so excited to connect with you.

I'm here to help you reach your dream life, whatever that looks like for YOU.


Before you take this application, I want you to know some of the things you'll learn when you join me!
» How to make an income from instagram and facebook EVEN IF you have a small network or have no clue what you’re doing.
» The steps to become an influencer
» How to create aesthetic IG/FB stories
» How to take IG worthy photos
» How to organically network and grow your IG and Facebook!

+ so much more!

We will help you TRANSFORM your social media into a professional brand that personally fits you + then we show you how it can make you an income!

So, ask yourself these questions -
» Are you goal oriented?
» Are you coachable?
» Work hard play hard mentality?
» Are you ready to hustle + change your life?

Now let's take this opportunity and turn passion and desire into an income + a life you LOVE!

If you're ready to change your entire life, apply below and let's see if this opportunity is right for you!
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