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We've gathered the best of the IBM Informix Requests for Enhancement from the past year.
Please indicate which features would be useful to you and your organization. The survey results will be tallied, summarized, and passed on to the IBM Informix Development Team.
Provide a mechanism to convert suitable expression based fragmentation schemes to interval scheme
RFE # 65368
While creating an ER Template through OAT, need the ability to specify the target database name
RFE # 65157
Add the ability to perform a logical restore of databases with smart blobs using archecker
RFE # 64257
Add an option to dbschema and dbexport so that SQL schema expressions longer than 32K are not broken up into multiple statements when backward compatibility to earlier engines is not required.
RFE # 64205
Add an option to ondwa to report the IDS engine session id associated with an IWA session id.
RFE # 64516
Add support for WITH ROWID for rolling window fragmentation scheme tables.
RFE # 64193
Implement a way to deallocate locks added by runaway and once-in-a-while sessions without requiring a server restart.
This would allow freeing up memory that is only needed for a short time. RFE # 63530
Need to be able to dynamically add SMX receive and send threads on RSS secondaries to handle latency issues
RFE # 63333
MSG log should report session id that triggered the adding of additional virtual segment
RFE # 62730
FORCE_DDL_EXEC to work for all table alter expressions
RFE # 62567
A dbschema-like tool to extract the CDR or API commands needed to duplicate an ER configuration including replicates, etc.
RFE # 62241
Distribute the regex datablade with IDS and auto install on first use.
RFE # 28888
Add CONVERT() function to improve compatibility with 3rd party tools.
RFE # 61369
Allow sqlhosts GROUP aliases to connect to active secondaries while the primary is still online.
RFE # 61140
Implement the MongoDB $elementMatch() function.
This function implements searches within arrays embedded in a JSON field. RFE # 61367
Implement a way to refresh the SSL certificates that the engine recognizes without engine restart
RFE # 61139
Option to prevent REPEATABLE READ isolation for a specified database.
The intent is to prevent the additional lock contention associated with REPEATABLE READ isolation. RFE # 60897
Updating other ph_task fields should not change the tk_next_execution value
If you modify any field in a ph_task record using OAT the next_exeution column is updated and may cause the task to miss a scheduled run. RFE # 61115
Return records wider than 32765 bytes for long projection lists.
Although a single table's width cannot exceed 32765 bytes, it is possible that a projection list across multiple tables would return a wider record. Currently this causes an error. RFE # 60321
Implement an ONLINE option to ALTER FRAGMENT statements: ALTER FRAGMENT … ONLINE.
Allow all ALTER FRAGMENT operations to optionally be performed without locking the table. RFE # 60292
Allow replacing an SPL routine ONLINE in a single operation similar to Oracle's CREATE OR REPLACE verb.
RFE # 60128
Audited “session start” events should capture feprogram
RFE # 59969
UPDATE STATISTICS … DROP DISTRIBUTIONS for a list of columns only rather than for the whole table
RFE # 59968
Improve performance of L1 & L2 archives.
Currently L1 & L2 incremental archives take nearly as long as a full L0 archive. RFE # 59818
CDC to support capture of DDL statements
RFE # 58720
Centralize Audit logs. Allow audit to write to syslog or other centralized logging service/server.
RFE # 56878
Adding a column to a table should not invalidate an IWA Data Mart defined on the table
RFE # 55121
Automate conversion of TimeSeries table structures to new versions when the TS libraries are upgraded during a server upgrade or migration of TS data to another server with a later release of TS.
RFE # 54820
Implement a session level setting of OPT_SEEK_FACTOR as a SET ENVIRONMENT and/or an optimizer directive
RFE # 54513
Implement SQLTRACE filters to limit what SQL statements are captured
RFE # 54314
Implement a way to report the character length of NCHAR & NVARCHAR columns instead of the byte length
RFE # 47787
Allow the use of column aliases in HAVING clauses
RFE # 46670
Change the storage space limitation in Innovator-C Edition
RFE # 67264
Implement a national language version of LVARCHAR, ie NLVARCHAR
RFE # 45681
Implement Oracle style "flashback" database restore points.
RFE # 46234
Implement the ability for DBA to block non-DBA users from issuing UPDATE STATISTICS LOW statements.
RFE # 45987
Implement parallel verify operation in onbar.
When a server is so large that only parallel backup is practical, parallel verification is also needed. RFE # 45574
Add a way to set DBSPACETEMP on a session level in SQL.
ex: SET ENVIRONMENT DBSPACETEMP "dbspace,list"; RFE # 45059
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