SunPix Pacific Peoples Awards 2019 Nomination Form
Nomination form for the 2019 SunPix Pacific Peoples Awards : 8 November 2019.
Nominations are open from 1 July to 31 August 2019. Nominees will be contacted for consent to proceed. Nominations are accepted for Pacific People in NZ who are judged to make a significant contribution to the Pacific Communities in Aotearoa. Judging is independent of the organisers of the event and the Judges' decisions are final
Pacific Community Leadership Award
This category recognises those Pacific People who lead community organisations in any field that strengthen Pacific communities. Our communities benefit from leadership of this kind - and many of our community leaders are our unsung heroes.

Pacific Education Award
The key to Pacific progress in Aotearoa is Education. From early childhood education to tertiary study, this category recognises Pacific contribution to improving Pacific communities achievement.

Pacific Enterprise Award
Understanding and participating in the modern economy requires special skill for Pacific people. Business and economic acumen creates opportunity and jobs for our people. Nominees for this category can be made from across our communities in Aotearoa.

Pacific Emerging Leadership Award
This category recognises Pacific Youth Leadership and the valuable foundation Pacific Youth Leadership creates for the future. Nominees in this category should be aged between 16 and 23.

Pacific Health and Wellbeing Award
Pacific people are conscious of our health and wellbeing despite the worrying statistics - nominations for this category will be those in the community who strive to improve the health and wellbeing.

Pacific Service Excellence Award
This award celebrates an organisation that makes important contribution to Pacific communities in their work. This category recognises programmes, projects, or initiatives that benefit Pacific families and communities. Nominees in this category are government agencies, and private sector not for profit organisations with outstanding programmes and services specifically tailored and designed for Pacific communities in New Zealand.

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