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This form is for the submission of abstracts (oral / poster) for the forthcoming British Association for Cognitive Neuroscience annual meeting. For symposia submissions, please email Martin Edwards (

The deadline for submissions is 1st June 2018.

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(Note that there will be a selection process for abstracts. Each year, we receive many requests for oral presentations, but we cannot fit all requests into the programme. If we are unable accept an abstract for oral presentation, we will offer a poster presentation as an alternative rather than rejecting the abstract).
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Please list all of the authors of the abstract, giving numbers in brackets to indicate affiliations. For example, Martin Gareth Edwards (1), Daniel Baker (2) and Stephen Jackson (3)
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Please list the affiliations of the authors. For example, (1) Psychological Sciences Research Institute, Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium; (2) Department of Psychology, University of York; (3) School of Psychology, University of Nottingham
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Please add the abstract of the presentation. This summary should include a summary of the introduction, methods, results and discussion (max 2000 characters including spaces). Note that if you have citations to articles, please use a number format of citation where a number corresponds to an article. For example, "based on the theory of XYZ (1), we showed...".
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Using the numbers of any citations in your abstract, add the reference or bibliography of the citation. Please use APA format. For example (1) Smith, J. (2011). A theory of XYZ. Journal of theories, 1(8), 25-36.; (2) Edwards, M.G. (2009)...
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Student Bursary (for students only)
We are able to offer bursaries to selected student members. If you would like to be considered, please tick the box below. Note that you need to be a student member of the BACN to qualify for a bursary. You can however submit your membership application at the same time as submitting this abstract (and we will consider the two applications together).
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