Douglass School Absentee Reporting Form
Please fill this form out completely. The email address entered below must match a parent/guardian email address on file in ParentVue. You may only use this form to report tardies or absences, do not use it for early dismissals. All early dismissal requests must be sent in writing with your child.

If reporting a students tardiness, you have up to 24 hours to submit this form or else the tardy will remain unexcused.

Excusable reasons for Absences/Tardies:
1. Personal illness
2. Death in the family
3. Medical appointments
4. Court appearances
5. Illness in the immediate family that requires the student to be absent
6. Emergencies to be approved by the principal
7. Trips or activities that enhance or extend the student’s education, WHEN APPROVED by the school administration in advance

You are not allowed to fill this form out for yourself. If you are found to be misusing this form, all tardies and absences will have to be reported via a personal phone call from your parent(s)/guardian(s) for the remainder of the quarter
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Date of Absence/Tardy *
Student First Name *
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Student ID *
Reason for Absence? *
Parent/Guardian First Name(s) *
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