Unit Two Vocab Quiz
This is a Timed, fourteen (14) minute quiz.

The time starts when the bell beginning class rings.

For each of the 14 words below, select the only sentence which:

a. uses the word correctly

b. uses the word as the correct part of speech

c. has no grammatical errors

Good Luck!

There is only ONE completely correct answer for each word.

Choose the Most Correct sentence.

This Quiz is Open Notes!!! You may use your PowerPoint and OneNote files.
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1. aspire (v)
Choose the Most Correct sentence (refer to above directions).
2. bilateral (adj)
3. candor (n)
4. defraud (v)
5. deity (n)
6. elude (v)
7. havoc (n)
8. malady (n)
9. obliterate (v)
10. ravenous (adj)
11. underworld (n)
12. writhe (v)
13. correlation (n)
14. pantheon (n)
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