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CILAS is opening its doors for those who are interested to offer a THEMATIC course as a visiting fellow in CILAS second or third trimesters. The call is opened to Egyptians and Non-Egyptians.

About CILAS:
CILAS invites students from all walks of life to engage with the liberal arts in an effort to develop a wise appreciation of the complexity of the world. CILAS recognises that in today's world, one needs to be able to interpret changing global conditions; mobilise resources effectively; and guide teams of diverse people. Students are challenged and supported to cultivate these abilities. CILAS hosts a dynamic, discussion-based learning environment conducive to creative inquiry, self-reflection, and civic engagement. Co-creation of knowledge at CILAS is fostered through classroom discussion and debate, workshops, musical performances, guest lectures, field visits, cooking, laughing, and listening. The academic year at CILAS begins in September and ends in June the following year. The year is divided into trimesters. The curriculum at CILAS is divided into four, cross-disciplinary field of studies. A core curriculum introduces students to the four fields of study during the first trimester. All students are required to complete core courses in the field Arts & Culture, Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences. In trimesters two and three, students choose two field-specific thematic courses. In parallel to their course-related work, students sign up to experiment in one of CILAS' community tracks/labs.

We are looking for:
The visiting fellow is invited to design a course taking into consideration student preferences:, the core curriculum they were exposed to: and our keen intention to integrate experience based learning and project based learning as methodologies alongside the discussion based learning which was intensely used in the first trimester. A visiting fellow teaches once a week (A morning and evening session).

We are looking for a fellow who possesses a combination between academic and practical expertise (practical experience is highly encouraged). The visiting fellow hold a master degree in their chosen field of study and a teaching background would be a good plus. The fellow should be able to commit for a 10 weeks journey, taking up a part time academic/experiential fellowship role. CILAS pedagogy recognizes creative inquiry, self-reflection, intellectual emotional engagement as powerful forms of wonderment, we hope to sustain a team of fellows that appreciate and contribute to those ways of being and learning.

The deadline is on 29th of November. After receiving all the offers, CILAS residential fellows and the pedagogy director will choose the courses based on students preferences and the concepts the students were exposed to during the first trimester.

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