Richmond Beach Community Association Survey
The RBCA is continually trying to improve our sense of community, activities and strive to make Richmonod Beach the greatest place to live. This survey will allow us to hear your voice and your ideas as to RBCA efforts and community areas of interest. We appreciate your input but you may choose not to answer any of the questions.
3. What is your age?
4. Are you a member of the Richmond Beach Community Association?
5. In the past year, how many RBCA general meetings did you attend?
6. Why have you not joined the Richmond Beach Community Association ?
7. In the past year, which of the following RBCA sponsored events did you attend?
Is disaster preparedness important to you? (eg: Shoreline 'map you neighborhood' program)
8. Are there any new events/activities you would be willing to organize for the community? (if so, please provide an email address or contact info)
Your answer
9. What value for our community do you find in the public art projects RBCA has recently installed, e.g., ‘Beach Orcas’ and ‘Historic Street Signs’?” (no valuable, somewhat valuable, valuable, very valuable)
10. RBCA markets Richmond Beach gear to promote neighborhood pride and identity. What types of clothing/branded gear would you be most interested in purchasing?
Your answer
11. How do you prefer to find out about Richmond Beach activities, meetings, events, and issues?
12. How would you describe your use of the following?
Do Not Use
Occasionally (once every several months)
Frequently (once a month or more)
a. RBCA Newspaper – print edition
b. RBCA Newspaper – RBCA Website edition
c. RBCA Facebook
d. RBCA e-newsletter
e. City of Shoreline ‘Currents’ newsletter
f. RBCA Website
g. City of Shoreline website
13. What types of content in the RBCA Newspaper do you most enjoy?
Your answer
14. What content in RBCA Newspaper do you least enjoy?
Your answer
15. Is there any content you would like to see added to the RBCA Newspaper?
Your answer
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