Solar Forward Crestone Baca 2020 Survey

The Crestone/Baca Resiliency (CBR) Energy Group was recently accepted into Solar Energy International’s Solar Forward program. This program helps to promote the generation of electricity through solar in communities throughout the US. As part of this program, the CBR Energy Group is gathering input from the Crestone Baca community on your solar energy thoughts and needs. We want to find out the current status of, and future desire for, residential or commercial solar electric power in Crestone/ Baca and the surrounding area.

Your comments and ideas today will be used by our group to help direct the CBR Solarize program. The information you provide will be used in a confidential manner that will protect your privacy. Thank you for helping us focus our local CBR Solarize program!

We can be reached at
1. Do you own your home or commercial property?
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2. Where is your property located?
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