Wholeshot Coffee Job Interest Survey
If you are interested in employment at Wholeshot Coffee the first step is the survey below. Once you submit the survey we will follow up with the next steps, including the Job Description, to those we feel fit our options available.
What is your Name/Email/Phone Number? *
When are you first available for employment? *
Can you work weekends/Bank Holidays? *
Are you seeking employment for at least a 12 month period? *
Are you available to work from as early as 6:30am and as late as 7:30pm (not on the same day). *
Have you ever worked in the Coffee Industry? if so, please give details? *
A customer watching your process for making the drink they ordered says you are doing it wrong. What is the proper response? *
A customer returns a drink to the bar and says it's too cold, what's the proper response? *
A customer calls ahead and says they are 15 minutes out, but need something from the cafe, the cafe closes in 2 minutes. What's the proper response? *
A customer returns a bag of coffee that they bought and says that they don't like it. What's the appropriate response? *
What are your interests outside of work? *
There is a new restaurant you and a friend are interested in trying out. You set an evening to go check it out at around 6pm. What time do you arrive? *
Have you ever been responsible for cashing out tills as part of your work duties? *
How would you describe your knowledge of coffee? *
Do you have an coffee qualifications or certifications? (If yes, please list). *
What was your best coffee experience to date? *
Is English your primary language? (If you have any other language proficiencies please list below). *
Do you have any criminal convictions? *
What are your salary/hourly pay expectations? *
Write a Review of the last Movie you've seen. *
What are your thoughts on equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace? (In 3 or 4 sentences). *
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