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Use this form to request a Vote-By-Mail (VBM) application to be sent to you. After you submit this form, the Nebraska Democratic Party will mail you a VBM application that you must complete and mail back. After that, a ballot will be sent to you from your county election office in order to have your vote counted for the May 12 primary election. Voting from home is safe and easy.

As of March 26, Gov. Ricketts announced ALL County Election Commissions will send a Vote-By-Mail Application to ALL voters. Read more details about early voting: https://nebraskademocrats.org/voting-center/

You can still request the Nebraska Democratic Party sends you an application also.

Counties that conduct ALL Vote By Mail: Boone, Cedar, Cherry, Clay, Dawes, Dixon, Garden, Knox, Merrick, Morrill, Stanton, rural precincts of Wayne (if you live in one of these counties, a ballot will be sent to you, do NOT fill out this form)
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We will send you a ballot request form as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please email info@nebraskademocrats.org.

**Independent/Non-Partisan voters CAN request a Democratic Ballot and vote in the Democratic Primary. Republicans do not allow Independents to vote in their primary.**
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