Rank and File Target Team Member Survey
Under the National Labor Relations Act, Target workers have the right to join together for mutual aid and protection in addressing concerns in the workplace. Target management is PROHIBITED under the law from surveilling these activities, interrogating employees about their involvement, or making threats or promises regarding these activities. Any violations of these rights should be reported and may be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. If you experience any violations please reach out to us at TargetWorkersUnite.com and we will assist you through the process of filing a charge with the National Labor Relations Board. More information on your labor rights can be found at nlrb.gov

All personal information will remain anonymous and WILL NOT be shared with Target Corporation, Target management or sold to third parties. This survey has been created by rank and file Target team members with many years of experience dedicated to the company. The purpose of the survey is to give voice to Target team members and allow us to speak frankly. This will highlight the issues team members are experiencing across all stores and to bring attention both from the public and the corporation to listen to us team members who are the heart of the company.

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What is your level of physical ability? *
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Are you married/have a partner? *
Are you a parent or is there someone who depends on you either physically or financially? *
Have you been pregnant or given birth while employed by Target? *
Did you receive any paid maternity leave? *
Are you able to live on this job alone? *
If you have other jobs besides your position at Target, how many more? *
How many hours do you average per week at Target? *
Do you feel that your wage adequately reflects your experience and knowledge of your workcenter? Why or Why not?
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Do you have benefits with Target? *
Do you think team members should be provided with healthcare from the company? Why or why not?
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How much more or less say do you think workers should have in day-to-day store operations? *
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Have you ever experienced homelessness while empolyed at Target? *
Have you ever run out of food while employed at Target? *
Has transportation been an issue for you while employed at Target? If yes, how?
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How do you feel about the treatment of older workers (50+ years old) versus younger workers at your store?
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Have you ever had any coworkers or managers who made you feel uncomfortable on the job? *
Has your mental and/or physical health changed at all because of work-related circumstances? *
My health has gotten much worse
My health has gotten much better
Have you ever had an on-the-job incident which you needed to bring to the attention of the management team? If so, how was that experience for you? Were you satisfied with how management handled the situation?
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Do you have the adequate training and resources to do your job? *
Do you feel that the expectations of management are realistic and attainable? *
How many positions in the store do you work? *
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How easy or hard is it to crosstrain at your store? *
Very Easy
Very Hard/ Nearly Impossible
On a scale from 1 to 5 how motivated are you to go to work? *
Not motivated
Very motivated
Have you ever been employee of the month at your store? If so, what reward did you receive, if any?
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Do you think team members should be paid a living wage? Why?
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Do you take your 15 minute breaks? Why or why not?
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Have you ever worked off the clock? why?
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Have you ever interacted with a corporate, group, regional or district level manager? Please feel free to describe the interaction.
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Is the Target Integrity Hotline effective? Why or why not? *
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What do you think about the way Target trains their Assets Protection staff?
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If applicable how would you improve the front end?
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If applicable how would you improve guest services?
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If applicable how would you improve hardlines?
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If applicable how would you improve softlines?
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If applicable how would you improve logistics?
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How do you feel about the modernization plan? *
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How do you feel about flex fullfillment (OPUs) and Target Drive Up? *
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Do you feel like you are valued by management? *
How safe are working conditions in your store? *
Very unsafe
Very safe
Have there been OSHA violations at your store? What kind? *
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Are the spill stations usually stocked in your store? *
Do you think the equipment in the spill stations is adequate to clean up spills? *
Is your management team knowledgeable and helpful? *
Do you feel that you can trust your management team? *
Does your management team follow through on promises that they make? *
Does your management team listen to your feedback? *
Has management told you to not discuss your wages with team members? *
Has management ever reprimanded team members for discussing workplace issues with team members in-store or on social media? *
On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate the emotional safety of your workplace? *
Have you ever had anxiety attacks either on the job or caused by the job? How?
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Have you ever experienced discrimination or harassment? What kind? What happened? *
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Do you think "at will employment" or "right to work" laws mean you have no labor rights? *
Are you familiar with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the federal agency that enforces anti-discrimination laws? *
Are you familiar with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the federal agency that enforces OSHA law? *
Are you familiar with the National Labor Relations Board, the federal agency which enforces your labor rights? *
Do you feel like you adequately know your labor rights? *
How do you feel about corporate's "Best Team Survey" vs our rank and file team member survey?
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What is the most important issue that Target needs to improve? *
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If you have any other comments, questions, or concerns you would like to voice, please feel free to ask or tell us in the space below.
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