AIA Chicago Foundation Roche Travel Scholarship

Established in 1926 by architect Martin Roche and administered by the AIA Chicago Foundation the Martin Roche Travel Scholarship gives a student the opportunity to independently study architecture

Past awards have been granted to students who studied a diverse group of subjects, such as the transformation of brownfield sites in Germany; the relationship between design and crime in Medellin, Colombia; modernist religious architecture in Italy; and the relationship between local communities and government historic preservation methods in Myanmar.

A grant of $6000 is available to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in a NAAB accredited architecture program at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Illinois Institute of Technology, or School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Your proposal must describe an independent study of an architecture-related topic that takes place in a country other than the US and that does not qualify for credit toward your degree program. Successful applicants have demonstrated a clarity in travel plans and proposal goals and outcomes. Be sure your travel plans are reasonable in the amount of the time proposed. For example, traveling to 4 countries or 8 cities in 1 month might not seem practical in accomplishing an effective and thorough research project.
It must included:
• A proposed itinerary or timeline for your travel study (not to exceed two pages in length).
• A 250-word statement describing your travel study objectives: how will the proposed trip help your architecture career? (one page)
• A concise general budget, outlining anticipated expenses for your travel study (one page)
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