The Da Vinci Scholarship
The goal of this award is to recognise students who show involvement, dedication and perseverance in a multitude of fields and categories along with succeeding in their studies.
This scholarship is open to all full-time and part-time students in good academic standing.
Number of Awards:
The Vanier College Student Association (VCSA) is offering two $250 scholarships to a student returning to Vanier in the following semester and two $500 scholarship to a student graduating and enrolling in university next semester.
This scholarship will only be given to students who will be enrolled at Vanier College or university next year.
A combination of any of the following may constitute a valid reason for consideration for the scholarship:

-Academics: Academic success, participation in activities, events or groups related to your field of study, diversification of academic interests, etc...
-Athletic: Participation, perseverance and/or excellence in athletic events, groups, teams or other whether it be connected to Vanier or not.
-Cultural: Involvement in clubs, committees that promote or manage the cultural aspects of the various communities surrounding the applicant.
-Community: Involvement in activities, events groups or any other thing whose goal is to foster selflessness,cooperation or any other quality/attribute that the applicants deem important in your community.
-Other: Any other information that may show that the applicant is a well rounded student and that he/she deserve this scholarship is welcome.

How to Apply:
-Fill the application form below.
-At least one reference from someone who can vouch for the involvement in the above categories is needed.
-Provide a copy of schedule.
-Letters of recommendation are not required, but may help the applicant in the nomination process.
Applications will be open until April 30th.
For any additional documents or information, please contact/send them Tristan Vieira at or bring the documents to C-214.
If the applicant does not wish to write his/her explanation as to why they should receive the scholarship on Google Forms, then they could submit the explanation to the email above. If that's the case, please enter "Will send by email" into the text box.
Never submit passwords through Google Forms.
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