UndocuHoosier Alliance Request for IU Support for Undocumented Hoosiers
Seventy-five years ago, during World War II, Herman B. Wells said: "Evil, injustice, arrogance, and folly may seem strong for a time, but they do not endure." They do not endure because—and only because—persons of conscience take action collectively against them. Today we find ourselves, our university, our Indiana community, and our nation facing another hour of crisis with the rise of hate crimes and xenophobic rhetoric and actions from the president-elect and the U.S. Congress. The immigration enforcement plans that the incoming administration advocates for are anti-immigrant, white supremacist, isolationist, and potentially genocidal. Amidst these discourses, policy proposals and rising acts of hateful violence, Indiana University Bloomington will be measured and judged by how administrators respond—or fail to respond. The time to act is now.

Vulnerable populations are counting on powerful institutions to act swiftly and recognize the dire need for direct support for undocumented peoples, DACAmented students, Visa holders, and refugees. Thus, we urge the administration of Indiana University Bloomington to declare this campus a #SanctuaryCampus, meaning that the administration will do everything in its power to protect undocumented/DACAmented students, and undocumented peoples in the larger Bloomington community, by making the promise to:

A.) prohibit school funds or resources from furthering federal immigration laws.

B.) provide full financial support for student application and legal fees relating to documentation status.

C.) prohibit IU police from inquiring about a student’s status.

D.) offer a public statement and pledge that the university will not cooperate with any other law or immigration enforcement agency and will actively oppose them entering the campus and student living spaces.

E.) provide undocumented/DACAmented students with tuition scholarships.

F.) dedicate part of IU’s website to a description of resources for undocumented/DACAmented students.

G.) work with UndocuHoosier Alliance and undocumented/DACAmented students in the drafting of a public statement in support of their most vulnerable students.

H.) pledge to not report undocumented students who may be arrested to immigration enforcement.

Now, as ever, the IU administration has an obligation to stand behind all of its students. Its “For All” slogan that we encounter throughout campus and online must not be an empty term, but instead a robust expression of the university’s ethics and commitment to its students. Will the university “fulfill the promise,” or will it actively choose to deny protection to its undocumented/DACAmented students, sending the message that the promise to ensure its students are “never daunted” is not, in fact, a promise extended to all?

“We are Indiana.
We say what we mean and mean what we say.
And when we make a promise, we keep it.”

Indiana University Bloomington administration: the time is now to make a promise to your undocumented and DACAmented students. Silence and vague statements about valuing “diversity” and “inclusion” will not be enough. Take concrete action and make Indiana University Bloomington a #SanctuaryCampus TODAY!

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