Lambtown Festival Volunteer Interest Questionnaire
Thank you for you interest in lending a helping hand with the virtual 2021 Lambtown Festival! Please tell us a little more about yourself, your interest in helping the festival, and your availability. This short survey should take about 2 minutes to complete.
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City of Residence *
Do you have any aversions that we should consider to find the best role for you? For example, do you hate being onscreen during video calls, or are you shy with public speaking?
Are you interested in helping to plan and organize the festival throughout the year or volunteer your time during the festival itself? *
If you would like to help during the festival, what is your availability? Festival dates are October 1-3, with workshops and some events happening on weekends in August and September.
If you would like to help us plan and organize, what is your availability?
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Area(s) of Interest
Do you have any particular skills or experience that will help in your selected areas of interest?
Many aspects of our virtual festival will take place on Zoom, although there are some volunteer tasks that don't require it. How comfortable are you with virtual meetings and webinars on Zoom?
Thank you for your time!
We'll take a look at your response and be in touch within a few weeks with some options where we think you can help Lambtown Festival the most. In the mean time, if your employer participates in a corporate giving program such as Benevity Causes, now is a great time to see if your upcoming volunteer work at Lambtown Festival is eligible for a donation.
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