AASK Program: Support Kit Evaluation
If you feel up to it, fill out this anonymous form to evaluate the helpfulness of your SPIRAL Abortion Aftercare Support Kit. This will help us make sure our clients are getting what they need in each care-bag, as well as cut down on any extraneous items.

Thank you!

*A note on confidentiality: The SPIRAL Collective takes client confidentiality very seriously. Your personal information, including any information revealed through any response that you submit through this form, will not be accessible to any person or entity outside of the SPIRAL Collective. We will keep your information private and secure.

Which items in your Abortion Aftercare Support Kit did you find useful? (Check all that apply.)
Do you have any feedback on the Support Kit Manual that you received in your bag? (Anything missing, confusing, problematic, or unnecessary? Did you love it? Hate it? Read it?)
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Any feedback on the delivery of your Abortion Aftercare Support Kit? (Were we on-time? Late? Friendly? Helpful?)
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