Apply for Travel Reimbursement @ Los Altos Hacks
Hello! The Los Altos Hacks team wants to fly around 15-30 high school students to Los Altos Hacks on March 21-22, 2020 for our hackathon. More info about Los Altos Hacks can be found at:

One of the main reasons we are doing this is to accommodate for students with financial difficulties or other special circumstances which prevent them from attending our hackathon. Anyone can apply for travel reimbursement, but we will be giving priority to those in need.

This form is an application ONLY. Filling this out does not guarantee that you will receive travel reimbursement. If accepted to receive travel reimbursement, here's what will happen:
1. You will be notified to purchase tickets and submit proof of purchase by a specific date. If we don't hear anything back by that specific date, we'll give your slot away to someone else.
2. If proof of purchase is sent, we will save an amount for you to be reimbursed with.
3. You can only claim your travel reimbursement if you are present at the hackathon and submit a project.

We will be giving the following amounts for travel reimbursement:
1. If you live in the Pacific Timezone, up to $100
2. If you live in the Central Timezone, up to $200
3. If you live in the Eastern Timezone, up to $300
4. If you live outside of the United States, up to $350

If you would like to negotiate a higher price for special circumstances, feel free to apply and send an email to to get something worked out.

1. You must be far enough to have to fly by plane (greater than or equal to a 1 hour flight).
2. You must be present at the hackathon and submit a project to our Devpost (on time) to receive travel reimbursement.
3. If your travel costs less than the amount granted, you may only be reimbursed for up to the amount you spent.
4. You must be present for at least 21 of the 24 hours of the event. Since you must be there until the end (due to having to submit a project), that means you may not arrive any more than 3 hours late. We'd prefer if you can stay the entire time.

Failure to respond to any of these questions honestly will result in $0 travel reimbursement.

Have any questions about any of this before you submit? Feel free to shoot us an email at Thank you!
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If you are not traveling alone, please list the email addresses of the members of your party below.
EACH OF YOUR MEMBERS MUST FILL OUT THE FORM INDIVIDUALLY. The emails you list should be the ones used in your members' travel reimbursement applications. Example:,,
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Where do you live? *
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How much will the cheapest plane ticket to Los Altos Hacks cost you? *
The nearest airport is SJC (San Jose International Airport). Please find the cheapest option and let us know the ballpark range of what you'll be paying.
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Are you planning to stay for the full event? *
If not, what time will you be present? Remember, you must be present for 21 of the 24 hours of the event to receive travel reimbursement.
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If you have any special circumstances, please specify them here. You can also discuss with us directly via
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