Friends of NESMS - Alumnus Survey
Please tell us a little about your current musical activities and what you have done since leaving NESMS. All answers will of course be treated in confidence. If you want to find out more about the Friends and NESMS itself go to our website at
Q.1 Did you move on to further musical education?
Q.2 Do you still play or sing?
Q.3 Which instrument(s) if any?
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Q.4 Do you play or sing with others?
Q.5 If a professional musician, are you involved with
Q.6 Overall, how happy are you with the teaching you received at NESMS?
Q.7 If asked, how likely are you to recommend NESMS to another person?
Q.8 Would you be willing to help in running the Friends?
Q.9 Please leave your email address if you would like further information about joining or helping the Friends:
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Q.10 Any other comments?
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