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The Peace Collective is made up of people under the age of 30 who come together for anti-imperialist education in the form of book clubs and discussions. Collective members have opportunities to start or get connected to divestment campaigns in their area to gain anti-war organizing experience, as well as other CODEPINK campaigns around the country and world. The peace collective is anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist. We are for a world free from neoliberal greed and violence. We support and affirm the right to self-determination for all peoples, especially those in the Global South, as they resist the colonial domination of the U.S. empire. We advocate for international cooperation, not a unipolar world order.


The Peace Collective is a space for organizing and education. Please treat it as such.
 The safety and respect of our young members and our work as activists is of the utmost importance. Some members may work for CODEPINK as their job and other members are here to volunteer. Regardless, it is important to treat the Peace Collective as an organizing and learning space. We discourage use of the space for reasons other than its intended purpose (such as using it for dating).

When sharing content, be cognizant of your fellow members with impacted identities
As an anti-war organizing space, we know how violent things like militarism and racism are. At the same time, it’s important  that we stay informed about current events. When sharing content to the group, consider beforehand if it may negatively affect members with impacted identities and whether you should share it, add a trigger warning, or not share it at all.

Assume good faith in your fellow comrades
Assume good faith in each other. Please try to speak from experience, speak for yourself, and actively listen to each other. If you are challenging someone’s ideas or behavior, do it respectfully, and if you are being challenged, receive it respectfully. Remember, mistakes will be made, nobody is perfect.

Know whether you need to "step up" or "step back"
Please respect others by recognizing how often, much, and loud you’re speaking and whether or not you’re dominating conversation. Step back to leave space for others to voice their opinions and feelings. This especially applies to participants who have privileged backgrounds. On the other hand, if you don’t often speak up, we encourage you to do so now!

Remember that we are all at different stages of the learning process.
Anti-imperialist education involves unlearning a lifetime of false narratives and relearning the truth is a time-consuming process. Please share educational resources and again, be respectful when disagreeing.

Privacy and Safety
Do NOT share any of the conversations, phone numbers, and names of  our members outside of the group (unless you have written permission).

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