Community Conversations on Canadianness
Pitaloosie Saila (Inuit), Auyttq National Park, In the Hills, Northwest Territories (ed. 29/100), 1985; George Pepper, Eli, Eskimo Boy, c. 1960 and George Pepper, Untitled (Eskimo man), c. 1960
What narratives do we perpetuate when we collect stereotypical representations?
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Carl Beam (Ojibwe), Shadow I, 1992; George Hunter, Women in their attigis, await yearly arrival of HBC supply ship, 'RMS Nascopie', Pangnirtung, 1946, and George Hunter, "Mug-up Time" at Jimmy Gibbin's house, Eskimo Point, 1946
What is lost when we represent others rather than allow for self-representation?
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Robert Houle (Anishinaabe), New Sentinel (ed. 11/22), 1990; Tim Jocelyn, Red Spaceman, 1985 and Tim Jocelyn, Tondo for the Tundra Zone (ed. 100), 1986
Do we do harm when we appropriate symbols and aesthetics?
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Jeff Thomas (Iroquois), What Happened to the Mississauga’s?, 2017
How are narratives reclaimed?
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