Activist Cartel Feedback Survey
You don't have to answer all of the questions, any info is helpful.
Of course be honest, but please be compassionate with your responses. I've volunteered my time to create The Activist Cartel, and the process can be very vulnerable at times. All I want to do is make the cartel great, so we can make a difference together! Thank you for your time with this!
Do you want The Activist Cartel's action emails to be...
When is a good time for you to receive and read the action emails (check all that apply)?
I would prefer to receive the action emails...
I think the actions items that have been given are... (check all that apply, and please feel free to elaborate in the "other" section)
What is your favorite thing about The Activist Cartel's action emails?
What do you want more of?
Do you live in a swing or red state? If so, where? And/Or do you have a Republican representing your congressional district?
If you are a man, do you feel like The Activist Cartel action items apply to you?
What areas of activism would you like to explore? (check all that apply)
Have you asked a friend to join The Activist Cartel, shared the website, or forwarded an action email?
Clear selection
What has motivated or prevented you from getting involved with any type of activism or asking others to join The Activist Cartel?
Any other helpful feedback?
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