iL Mercato 義瑪卡多 101 wine bar Café 預約RESERVATION
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Il Mercato 101 Aperitivo 線上購票 online ticket
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訂位保留時間為10分鐘.We will hold your reservation for 10 minutes
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每位低消為NT$390(未含服務費).minimum spending per person is NT$390 (the service charge excluded)
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每位佔位孩童 (含兒童椅) 低消為NT$195 (未含服務費).mininum spending is NT$195 (the service charge excluded) per child for children under 12 years old with a high chair or chair
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取消預約請電洽02 8101 7828.For cancellation please call 02 8101 7828
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