ACSS Susanne Shafer Award
In order to recognize educators who have made outstanding contributions to women's studies in
Arizona, the Arizona Council for the Social Studies has established the Susanne Shafer Award,
presented annually at the ACSS Fall Conference. This award honors the lifetime dedication to
this field of Susanne Shafer, twice ACSS President. The award recipient will be presented with a
plaque and a one year membership in ACSS. This award recognizes an educator who has:

1 . Enabled students to understand the role of women in society.
2. Stimulated professional development in the field of women's studies.
3. Encouraged educational programs highlighting women's studies in schools and
4. Demonstrated educational excellence and exhibited high degrees of professionalism in the
field of women's studies.

ELIGIBILITY: Arizona social studies educators and school administrators at all levels may be
nominated for this award. Candidates need not be ACSS members. A nomination may be made
by an administrator, teacher, coordinator, professor, or any other representative of the
educational program(s) with which the nominee has been involved.

JUDGING CRITERIA: Nominations will be judged by members of the ACSS Awards
Committee based on these criteria:
1. Impact of the nominee's work in women's studies upon Arizona students.
2. Influence of the nominee's work in women's studies upon colleagues and other educators.
3. Evidence of excellence in the women's studies programming resulting from the nominee's

NOMINATION REQUIREMENTS: To be judged by the ACSS Awards Committee, all
nominations must meet the following requirements:
1. Nominations must be typed or word-processed and include this form as a cover sheet.
2. All nominations must include these elements:
a. A complete résumé/vita for the nominee;
b. A brief statement (no more than one page, single spaced) highlighting the nominee's
work in women's studies;
c. Two (2) letters from a supervisor(s), colleague(s), or a community member describing
the nominee's activities in women's studies that provide evidence of the nominee's unique
qualifications for this award.
3. Current members of the ACSS Board of Directors and the ACSS Awards Committee are not

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