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Residents of the San Francisco Bay area who are homeschooling gifted children are invited to join us. This data is private to our group. All fields are required (*). Incomplete forms or requests which do not include a detailed introduction will not be processed. Thank you.
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Introduction: Please introduce yourself and your family to our group; this will be posted to the group when your application is accepted. Our members want to get to know you and are more likely to reach out to you when they see shared interests. Tell us about all children, even if you think you'll only homeschool one. BAGHS membership is inclusive of the whole family. Tell us your children’s interests, passions, hobbies, challenges - include examples of giftedness. Tell us your concerns or challenges as a homeschooling parent. Tell us what you hope the BAGHS community can do to help or support you. (Your intro should be a paragraph or more, not a sentence; you're more interesting than that!) *
What led you to identify your child(ren) as gifted? What challenges do you face, raising and educating gifted child(ren)? Please share some anecdotes that exemplify your child(ren)’s giftedness. *
Participation: BAGHS is not primarily an online community. We are in-person supportive of each other. In what ways are you looking to participate in our community? (In-person activities, host classes, online support, create park days, etc. ) *
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San Francisco Bay Area Gifted Homeschoolers (BAGHS) is a private group with moderated communications. By joining our group, you agree to review our policies (upon acceptance), to abide by them, and exit the group when you are no longer homeschooling a gifted child in the SF Bay Area. *
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