The NZPF is keen to facilitate events in NZ that promote sports skydiving. We also have an obligation to our members to support those events that allow for maximum learning potential and value for money for our members.

Applications can be made for funding to cover coach/load organiser slots or coach fees in skills based events, inclusive progression camps, boogies, meets etc. Applications can also be made to subsidise the fees you charged NZPF members to register for your event. Requests for funding to cover other expenses related to the event will be considered but not guaranteed (i.e. flights or accommodation of coaches, equipment hire etc.)

The Application Process:

1. Use this form to make an application to the NZPF for funding of up to $500 per event. In extraordinary cases funding in excess of $500 may be approved. Please provide details about the event and what the funding will be used for. The more details you provide, the faster your application will be processed.

2. Applications must be submitted to the NZPF at least 5 weeks before the event takes place. Ideally, an application for funding will be submitted 8 weeks before an event. This is to allow the NZPF enough time to approve the funding at committee level and also advertise the event to its members so they can attend.  Early advertising of events allows more of our members to attend.

3. The NZPF will consider the application at committee level and respond to the applicant within 7 days giving details of the funding (if any) that has been approved and the reasoning behind the decision.

4. Both you and the NZPF will take steps to publicise the event in the lead up to the event date i.e. the applicant will design a post or event page for the NZPF to share on Facebook, mentioning the NZPF as a sponsor of the event. Social media posts referring to the NZPF should tag the NZPF Facebook page where possible and also contain the official NZPF hashtags #NZPF and #kiwiscanfly.

5. The event will be entered on the Events Calendar on the NZPF website.


6. You will need to send the NZPF a list of attendees and their email addresses so the NZPF can send them a feedback form about their experience at the event. With their feedback we can do things better next time.

7. We also ask that you make a Facebook post or update on your events page to give a brief account of the skydiving that took place and acknowledging NZPF as sponsor. Social Media posts referring to the NZPF should tag the NZPF facebook page ( and/or instagram profile (@nzpfskydive) where possible and also contain the official NZPF hashtags which are #NZPF and #kiwiscanfly.

8. You then send an invoice to the NZPF with any relevant receipts. The NZPF will pay your invoice within 7 days.

9. Your feedback following sponsored events is always welcomed by the NZPF.

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Who are the target participants? i.e. total number of skydivers you are aiming to have attend, skill level, group size, local jumpers or nation wide/international etc. *
Aim of the event, what are the participants hoping to gain? *
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