Is regulated trophy hunting in Africa acceptable? And who should fund conservation in Africa if hunting is banned?
This 12 question survey is part of an international research programme that explores the role of big-game hunting in wildlife conservation in Africa. Regulated hunting can contribute to the conservation effort in Africa, and our survey seeks to determine public opinion on the matter. The survey pertains to large game, viz. animals such as elephant, lion and buffalo.

The survey is anonymous. It is voluntary and you can exit at any time. It will take 1-2 minutes to complete.

The work is led by scientists based at Liverpool John Moores University (UK), the University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa), the University of Göttingen (Germany) and the IUCN. Human ethics clearance through LJMU Research Ethics Committee (18/NSP/072). Questions and/or concerns can be forwarded to Dr Lochran Traill [ email ]. Further information on the research programme, and proposed papers can be requested from Dr Traill. There are no funding bodies involved in this work, and no conflict of interest.

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Do you, or any of your family members work in the fields of wildlife management, conservation or environmental science? *
What is your view on regulated trophy hunting in Africa? *
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Under which of the following scenarios do you consider regulated trophy hunting to be acceptable? Where it contributes toward: *
Do you support a full blanket ban on the imports of animal trophies (from Africa) to affluent nations, such as the United States? *
If trophy hunting in Africa is phased-out, do you think that affluent nations should fund the conservation of wildlife areas presently supported by hunting? *
If trophy hunting in Africa is phased-out, what proportion of foreign aid should be directed toward the funding of wildlife areas currently reliant on income from trophy hunting *
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