Ekah Yoga Student Training Contract
This agreement begins on January 2021, between Ekah Yoga and _________________________________(first, last name) *
I ___________________ am now enrolling myself in a 5 month teacher training with Ekah Yoga. I understand that by enrolling myself in this course I take full responsibility for being a proactive part of this training. I will attend all activities that are required for Ekah Yoga certification. In addition, I will fulfill assignments required outside of the classroom, including, self-study, self-practice, and written assignments. I submit that I have taken a minimum of 30 yoga or meditation classes, or a year of practice before registering for this teacher training course. I will commit to being present at Ekah Yoga for a minimum of 2 public classes a week during the entire length of my training, which I will log and submit. *
MindBody will be used as another tool to track my class attendance and I will be responsible for signing myself up for classes. In the event that I cannot make a scheduled class that I have registered for, it is my responsibility to remove myself from the class roster, a minimum of 1 hour before the class begins. In the case that I have registered myself for a class and do not show up, I must inform the lead teacher why this occurred. If this happens on more than three occasions and without an official doctor’s note or official document from the court to excuse my absence, I may be excused from certification rights of the course. Honesty and integrity are held in the highest regard in accordance with the ethics of yoga. Self Care as well is essential in getting through this course. *
Workshops & Sessions: I will attend all workshops and sessions that are required to complete the course as set by Ekah Yoga, and in accordance with Yoga Alliance (YA). In the event that I have to cancel a workshop attendance, it cannot be guaranteed that I will complete the course within 4.5 months. *
This program begins January 12th, 2021 and is set to close June 13th, 2021. During this time, I will be responsible for attending live sessions via Zoom & in-person trainings, located in Bloomington, Indiana. If it is deemed unsafe to attend in-person trainings, then all live content will be held via Zoom. If it is decided by the training group and in union with local health officials that it is not safe to come together as a group, consideration will be made to accommodate the most healthful training in practice. *
Schedule includes the following. Every Tuesday evening trainings, Jan.12th-June 8th, 6-9:30pm. Live Zoom sessions: 3rd weekends, Jan, Feb, April: 20hrs each (Friday evening to Sunday afternoon)Friday 6-9p, Sat. 7a-5:30p, Sun. 7a-4p. In Person, in Bloomington: 2 Long Weekend Trainings, W-Sun., March (18th-21st) & June (9-13th). If in person option is not available to you, Zoom classrooms can be arranged with prior approval from lead teacher. Wed. 6-9p, Thurs. 7a-8p, Fri. 7a-8p, Sat. 7a-8p, Sun. 7a-10a. Additional assignments outside of live group sessions will account for a minimum of 20 hours. *
Students are expected to attend all sessions live via ZOOM. In the case of emergency you are allowed to miss 3 Tuesdays evening sessions but you must contact info.ekahyoga@gmail.com to receive the recordings. Even if you miss a session you are still required to watch the recording at another time. Attendance is required for all long weekend sessions in order to receive your certification. *
Certain segments of the Teacher Training will have specific guidelines. The student is expected to follow the guidelines and ask the teacher if there is any uncertainty. Teacher Training is designed to meet each student where she/he/they are via one-on-one experiences with the teachers, as well as through interaction with the group. Additionally, active involvement with the yoga community at large is vital for shared wisdom and growth. After completion of the training, students will have the necessary credentials to register with YA. In order to maintain YA certification, students must pay all necessary fees, abide by YA’s ethics, and successfully complete continuing education credits. *
PAYMENT OPTIONS - Ekah’s YTT Cost $2400 - $400 non-refundable deposit paid by December 1st, + 5 monthly payments of $400 - Pay full amount by start date of program, and receive a 10% saving. Please ask for discount code. Early Bird Savings Save $400 if full payment is made before November 15th - Full Payment includes a deposit of $400 +1600, =$2000 (payment must be made in full by midnight Nov. 15th 2020). Flash Sale Now-Nov. 8th Save $400 of YTT cost, + $100 FREE Ekah Bucks, when full payment is made by midnight Nov. 8th.Early Bird Price of $2000, Plus FREE $100 EKAH BUCKS (redeemable on Ekah Merchandise, journals, yoga mats, bolsters, blocks, shirts, other merchandise available.)*Full Payment includes a deposit of $400 +1600, =$2000 To sign up students must make a $400 deposit to reserve their spot in the training. The deposit is refundable until the student is accepted into the training program. If a student cancels before the training, the amount paid beyond the deposit will be refunded as long as the cancelation is made 4 weeks before the training start date. If a student cancels up until February 15th, 2021, they will receive a 50% refund of the amount paid beyond the deposit. If a student cancels or decides they do not or cannot complete the training program, no refund will be made. If the cancellation is made due to an injury that would prevent the trainee from completing the entire course, the student may be able to take the missed modules in the following training program, in 2022. *Any non-refunded monies may be used towards future training through Ekah Yoga or for Ekah Yoga class passes, workshops or retail. The Ekah Yoga Teacher Training program requires a minimum of 5 students in order to facilitate the training. In the event that the minimum is not met, refunds will be made. *
I have made my deposit. *
I have read through the contract thoroughly and I am ready for Ekah Yoga's Teacher Training! Please sign First and Last name below. *
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