San Francisco Children's Art Center - 2020 Summer Programming Survey
Thank you for completing this survey. Your direct input will guide us in making decisions about SFCAC’s Summer 2020 programming and how we can move forward with maximum consideration and safety.

Whether you plan on having your child(ren) attend programming this summer or not, we would greatly appreciate your feedback.

Many of the questions below include an optional space marked as "other" that you can use to add comments about your response to the question
Age(s) of child(ren) (check all that apply) *
Do you think you will enroll your child in SFCAC programs this summer - assuming the shelter-in-place order is lifted and SFCAC has a clear explanation of how we are following best practices to keep students and teachers safe? *
To feel comfortable enrolling your child(ren) in programs at SFCAC’s Fort Mason studio, how important will each of these factors be? *
Very Imporant
Somewhat important
A little important
Not important
Clear statement of how SFCAC is following city and state best practices for school gatherings
Knowing facility cleaning procedures, both for SFCAC studio and Fort Mason Center
Hand sanitizer stations and enhanced handwashing practices
Individual tools for each student
Physical distancing in the studio
Teachers wearing masks at all times
Teachers & students wearing masks at all times
Restrict mingling before and after class
Health monitoring of staff (taking temperatures daily)
Health monitoring of students (taking temperatures before entering studio)
Assuming permissions given by the city and state to re-open programming, when would you feel comfortable having your children in a program at SFCAC? (select all that apply) *
How many hours each day would you be comfortable having your child in a program in the SFCAC Fort Mason studio? (select all that apply) *
How many children/teachers per class would you be comfortable in our classes? (select all that apply) *
How many different groups of children would you be comfortable with coming to our Fort Mason studio each day? (select all that apply) *
For children ages 2-5, would you be open to the idea of changing from once-weekly classes to a 5-day, week-long mini-camp for summer? *
For children ages 2-5, what are your thoughts about changing the way we hold “Snack and Storytime” at the end of class? *
For children ages 6-10, what is your comfort level in all-day camp programs with other Fort Mason partners (Blue Bear and Young Performers Theatre) like we’ve held in past summers? *
Would you be interested in arranging a private 5-day workshop with a group of 4-6 children from families you already know? *
Please rate your comfort and interest in the possibility of remote live instruction via Zoom or another online conferencing platform: *
If SFCAC were to provide live remote instruction, what length of time do you feel is ideal for on-screen engagement? *
If SFCAC were to provide remote instruction via zoom, please rate your level of comfort supporting your child in this activity: (select all that apply)
Yep! We got this!
Somewhat confident
Maybe not
Definitely no
I feel confident I could gather materials needed for activities from a list of basic supplies
I would prefer to receive a kit of needed materials prepared ahead of class time
I feel my older child could work independent of my support during the zoom session
I would be available to support my younger child during the zoom session
Does not apply … I’m not interested in virtual instruction
Do you have any other thoughts or feedback you can share?
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