Reno Medical Workers: Free Child Care Request Form
WHO: We are local organizers helping health care providers in the Reno manage their households while serving on the frontlines during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of our volunteers are high school and college students with babysitting experience.

WHAT: This form is intended for ALL healthcare workers (MD, DO, NP, RN, Pharm. D, Med Tech, Custodial staff, etc.) in the Reno area looking for FREE help with childcare/babysitting, grocery runs, and/or pharmacy runs during COVID-19.

WHY: We want to support you as best as we can during this important time of community effort! It takes a village! Please direct all questions to or contact us at

HOW: After completing this form, we'll do our best to pair you with volunteers that meet your requirements. Then, we'll reach out to you with one or more volunteers' contact information, and you'll be able to contact them at your discretion.

Please note that this service is flexible and might change daily. We will do our best to support you! In return, we ask for your timely response to volunteers and to be aware of our own limitations. Unfortunately, not all requests will be fulfilled immediately.

PLEASE READ: If you or anyone in your household meets any of the following criteria, we are unable to partner with you at this time and we apologize:

- Has been diagnosed with COVID-19
- Experienced a fever in the past 2 weeks
- Experienced shortness of breath in the past 2 weeks
- Are not fully immunized (standard + current influenza immunization)
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When do you need a babysitter? If you don't have exact days and times, please estimate--we know there is a lot up in the air. Please follow this format: Mondays 9am-5pm, Wednesdays 3pm -7pm, etc. (If you don't need babysitting, type n/a) *
Age of child or children (e.g. 5 and 8) *
Can the babysitter look after your children at your residence? *
If "no" to previous question, please elaborate.
City of Residence (e.g. South Reno) *
Please list the name, relation, and phone number of at least one emergency contact for your child/children *
If you need services besides or in addition to babysitting, please specify here. (i.e. grocery shopping, errands, etc.)
Does your child need tutoring? If so, what subject area and grade level?
Do you need our services immediately? *
Please add any additional comments/thoughts or anything else we should know about your family or your home so we can make the best volunteer connection for you. (e.g. need Spanish speaker, etc.)
How did you hear about us? *
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