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Unbelievably, we have now been in Calgary for almost one year! To say that we love our new Alberta life is a bit of an understatement.

To celebrate our one-year #Albertaversary, I am putting together a giveaway to highlight the best of Alberta Mom & Baby retailers and brands! Dates: April 24-May 8

The giveaway post, featuring a description of your shop or brand, will be published on my blog for my over 22,000 monthly readers, and on the blogs of some of my favourite Mommy Blogging colleagues.

My Facebook following of 17,500 fans and over 5000 Instagram followers will also be seeing your brand or shop front and centre!

The cost to participate in my #Albertaversary Giveaway is $20, in addition to a prize of your choice, with a minimum value of $20. If you would like to offer a gift certificate, please ensure that the value of the gift certificate will cover a prize and shipping without a winner having to spend out of pocket if they do not desire.

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I will require an image of your prize and your shop's logo. The best is a high-res, .PNG logo for your shop or brand!
Over the course of the giveaway, let me know if you would like a dedicated Facebook post to advertise your business or brand to my followers, including an image, or a dedicated Instagram post. You are responsible for sending me your IMAGE(s) and the advertising text you would like me to include in the posting no later than APRIL 11.
Please submit payment by using this link: Note that your shop/brand will be listed on the blog post AND the giveaway linky based on a first to pay, first to be listed basis.
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