Personal Protective Gear Request
Healthcare providers are on the front line in this battle with COVID-19. We want to do all we can to provide protective face shields for as many medical staff at risk for exposure to the virus as we can.

Demand has rapidly increased for face shields and this form is only intended to make it easier to keep track of requests. Please fill in the information below. We will get a notification every time someone submits a request so know that we are working on getting you help.

We are expecting 5000+ of a new design that we can make much faster. In the form, please indicate how many you can get by with in the near term and how many you would like if we could meet all you needs. We do not intend for people to share these. Also remember these are not to be considered disposable, but accidents happen and we understand that some may get soiled so badly they will need to go in hazardous waste.
ProShield (1477 Rev6) - Inspired by a design from Prusa' in the Czech Republic, the headband is a 3D printed part made of PLA or ABS plastic. The face shield is 0.034" (34 mil) PET plastic. The elastic strap can be made by looping rubber bands or hair ties together. The top of the face shield is open. This our most rugged faceshield. The headband takes two to three hours to print. We can provide about twenty per day.
Protective Visor (Manta Ray) - This is a remix of a design by 3DVerkstan in Sweden. The face shield is thinner and more flexible than the ProShield shown above above. It is more rigid than versions using a sheet protector or transparency film. These are easy to ship and take about half as long as the ProShield to print. We can provide about fifty per day.
TX/RX Visor - When the Houston maker space TX/RX Labs switch from 3D printing to injection molding, we received some of their 3D printed stock. These have the same shield as the Manta Ray design but the headband is a more like flexible version of the ProShield headband. Since we have these already in stock, we can ship these immediately. Once we run out, they will be removed from this request form.
Surgical Mask Ear Lobe Saver - Those pesky straps pulling on your ears all day long can get really annoying. We found this item, SMELS, that hooks to the elastic of a surgical mask to relieve that constant pulling and chafing caused by those straps. Simply indicate you are interested in receiving some of these and some will be included with your face shields. These are made from the last remnants of filament at the end of a spool. Waste not, want not.
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