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JOLT Digest is the online companion to the Harvard Journal of Law & Technology. Digest operates on a continuous publication cycle, meaning we endeavor to publish your piece within 4 weeks of your submission and our approval.

We accept two types of publications from outside contributors:

1. Digest Commentary

Commentary pieces are less than 3500 words and forward a policy argument or opinion on a current area of law and technology, construed broadly. While this category is encompassing, we will tend not to publish pieces focused on surveying an area of law. Click here ( for a list of recent publications.

Anyone may submit a piece to be published under this category.

2. Digest Notes (Student Notes)

We look for Notes that are 1500-2500 words, proffering timely and novel analysis on law and technology that have recent impact. We will consider pieces written for classes, clinics, research, or otherwise. Surveys of new or recently updated areas of law are accepted. In contrast with Commentary, these Notes will tend to be supported by more rigorous citations.

Digest Notes will be published both online (see and in PDF (

We will only publish as Notes pieces from current students or recent graduates, either from Harvard or elsewhere.


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Peter Zhu at

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