Housing Ossining Survey
I would best describe myself as:
I live in a home that is:
How many units are there in your home?
In general, considering all the costs it takes to live in your home - including monthly rent or mortgage payments, plus taxes and utilities - do you consider it affordable?
How affordable do you think it is to live in Ossining on a Scale of 1 to 5?
I can easily afford to live here
I am struggling to live here
How safe do you find the housing in Ossining on a Scale of 1 to 5?
All the homes I have seen or experienced are perfectly safe
I have personally seen or experienced many homes with serious safety concerns
In the next five years or so, how likely is it you will have to move out of Ossining because you would not have the kind of housing you want at the price you can afford?
How would you rank housing issues in Ossining right now (1 being most pressing)?
Non-cost related barriers to finding housing and homeownership
Affordability (rent or ownership costs)
New Housing Development
High Taxes
How important do you think these housing objectives are for Ossining: very important, somewhat important, not important?
Very Important
Somewhat Important
No Important
Have diversity by income and occupation
Provide housing assistance for disabled persons with lower incomes
Housing homeless persons
Provide affordable housing for locally employed workers
Have diversity by racial and ethnic background
Help moderate and low-income families with children in Ossining schools remain here
Help seniors and older residents age in place
Other thoughts about the most significant housing issues in Ossining?
Your answer
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