Askalot @FIIT - Questionnaire
Dear students,
while Askalot became a useful support tool at our faculty, it was deployed also at University of Novi Sad (Serbia). Moreover, it was used also by more than 5000 students from 147 countries around the whole word as a part of online course at edX (for more information see

All these results will not be possible without our participation in international projects with Harvard University, University in Lugano and University of Novi Sad. Now, we would like to kindly ask you to help us and provide some feedback on Askalot. By analyses of your valuable opinions, we can improve Askalot as well as compare how students perceive Askalot in different countries and cultural settings.

The questionnaire is in English language. If it will be possible, please, provide also your open-text answers in English so also our colleagues outside Slovakia will understand them (your answers really do not have to be 100% grammatically correct). Completing the questionnaire should not last more than 5-10 minutes of your time.

If you will have any question, please, do not hesitate to write us at Thank you very much for feedback. We really appreciate it.

Ivan Srba on behalf of Askalot developers team

Gender *
Year of study
I belong to the following group *
If you have not used Askalot at all, is there any special reason for that?
Your answer
If you use Askalot only passively, is there any special reason why you have not used it actively?
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Platforms like Askalot should exist within university courses? *
My preferences on learning and communication
I prefer to study and prepare exams *
I prefer to communicate online with other classmates/teachers by *
Why you prefer the particular way of communication selected in the previous question?
Your answer
Platforms like Askalot are an adequate place to seek for answers to questions and dilemmas related to the content of university courses? *
I would ask questions related to the course content directly teachers (personally or via e-mail) rather than posting them on Askalot? *
If I had questions and dilemmas related to the course content I would share them with other colleagues on Askalot? *
I would be more active on Askalot in case teachers are not Askalot users. *
My opinion on Askalot design
Askalot is easy to use.
It is easy to navigate through Askalot and its core features are easily accessible in each moment.
The content on Askalot is visually well organized.
Which features of Askalot did you find useful - on a scale from 1 (completely useless) to 5 (extremely useful)?
1 (completely useless)
5 (extremely useful)
Providing different kinds of posts – questions, answers, and comments
The dashboard overview of recent activity
Notifications about "watched" questions/categories (delivered in Askalot or by email)
Community voting on questions
Providing different question types (general question, mistake report, feedback request, etc.)
The highlighting of questions/answers/comments that were posted by teachers
The overall grade for the Askalot user interface would be:
Additional questions
What do you like about Askalot?
This question is optional, but your answer can really help us to improve functionality of Askalot.
Your answer
What we can do to make Askalot better? Do you have any other comments or suggestions?
This question is optional, but your answer can really help us to improve functionality of Askalot.
Your answer
Your AIS ID/AIS username
You can submit your answers in this questionnaire fully anonymously and it is perfectly fine. However, providing us with your AIS ID/AIS username will allow us to make even better analyses as we will be able to correlate your answers with an amount of your activity in Askalot (all conclusions will be derived strictly in aggregated form so no personal information will be revealed).
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