GO 2 U Fitness (Home Programs)
Don't let COVID-19 lockdown restrict you from your fitness goals and keeping your mind strong.

Its important to keep your immune systems strong. The best way to keep fit and healthy is by implementing healthy eating and training.

If you are interested fill out the application below and someone will be in touch with you to discus further.
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- Starter fee $164.60 (one off payment)
- weekly payment $52.60 per week
What’s included?
- Customised Training Programs
- Customised macro counted diets
- Guidance and advice on nutrition and macros
- Check-ins 2x a week for accountability
- Mindset reassurance, constant reminder that you are strong and capable
Once applications has been submitted someone will contact you and a welcome email will be sent to you with a direct debit form that will need to be submitted before a trainer starts on all your customised programs.
All the information that I have provided during the screening process is true & correct; I am aware that it is recommended that I undertake a full medical assessment before participating in exercise or nutrition programs; Being aware of my own health status and condition and having knowledge that participation in any physical activity or nutrition program carries an element of risk, voluntarily assume the risk and am participating in the exercise or nutrition program provided to me by GO 2 U Fitness, which has been explained to me verbally; Having such knowledge, I release the named professional GO 2 U Fitness from liability for accidental injury or illness, which I may incur because of participating in the said exercise program or in the testing and/or screening procedure, to the full extent of the law any claims and demands made by me, or on the behalf of other parties; I give permission for GO 2 U Fitness to use any photos taken for their marketing purposes; I am aware that once payment is made there are no refunds available; I am aware of my right to obtain independent legal advice in respect to this release; I hereby assume all risk connected, and consent to participate in the exercise program with GO 2 U Fitness.
I understand that any nutrition advice given is not to be used in place of a medical opinion. That a doctor or nutritionist should be consulted before any new nutrition program is started.
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