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Blended Learning and the teaching of Arabic language, culture and literature.

The second series will focus on Blended learning, and this will offer colleagues a platform to explore the opportunities and challenges of delivering Arabic teaching inside and outside the classroom. It comprises several online webinars delivered by experienced educators in Language Teaching. Webinars are free for BATA members and subscribers, so please subscribe if you have not done so!

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Second webinar of the 2nd series hosted by BATA

Developing Online Language and Translation Teaching Materials: A Reflective account of preparing materials on and during a pandemic

By Dr Mariam Aboelezz on 18th of December 2020 at 5pm.

Last March, I was preparing for my final Arabic translation session in a Scientific and Technical Translation module when I received the news that UCL, like other universities in the UK was moving all its teaching online for the remainder of term. The texts for the final session were going to be on COVID-19. I would normally task my students with preparing a glossary for any new topic we cover, but I decided to make an exception for this topic and to start my students off with a short glossary.
In this talk, I will reflect on the many conversations that emerged from that short glossary, both inside and outside the classroom. I will talk about the challenges of compiling a glossary of newly emerging terminology in a rapidly evolving situation. I will also discuss the relevance of the descriptivism vs. prescriptivism debate in compiling glossaries and how glossaries can be adapted into online resources for language teaching/learning. Finally, I will talk about opportunities for student partnership in developing language resources in response to crises.
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