SRFIDC 2020 Proposal Submission
Proposal Submission Deadline (extended): 11:59 pm EST Sunday, January 12, 2020
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Please read the information below and remember to click on "Submit" when finished. It is recommended that you work on your text information first then copy and paste when you are ready. Proposals should respond to the conference theme in some way.

Conference Theme: “Changing Seasons: Planting and Nurturing Practices for Academic Success”

What are the “seasons” of your work and how important is timing to the success or impact of your efforts? How do you cultivate success, from the seeds of inspiration to the pruning of initiatives? What strategies do you have for determining when and what to “reap” or “sow”? As faculty, developers, and leaders, timing and technique are two aspects of our work that are highly contextual, of critical importance, and ripe for improvement. What seeds: ideas, programs, class activities, instructional technology tools—have produced success in your context? What strategies do you use to nurture success with your students or faculty? Who supports your efforts and what impact does collaboration have on the impact of your work?

Criteria: (4 point scale)
1. Currency and importance to the field.
2. Appropriateness to the SRFIDC audience and the conference.
3. Purpose and participant outcomes.
4. Motivated by theory, practice, and/or research.
5. Plans for engaging the audience in the session. (Program interactivity/practical applications)
6. Clarity of proposal as indicator of presentation quality.

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