Groundwork Pro Access Fund
Groundwork Pro is pleased to be able to offer a small number of grants in order to enable further access to their classes and events in Cardiff. The grants are open to professional Wales-based dance artists only.

These grants are now open for application and are allocated on a first come first served basis throughout the year-long Groundwork Pro programmer, running from September 2017 to July 2018.

The grant is suitable to cover access costs that could include but are not limited to:
• travel costs and basic accommodation for Wales based artists not living in Cardiff
• costs associated with removing barriers to attendance for disabled artists i.e costs of a carer/translator/interpreter/sign interpreter and/or appropriate transport
• child care costs.

Please note we cannot cover the cost of the events and this is for Wales-based practitioners only.

As the fund is small, we kindly ask that you keep the expenses as minimal as possible in order that we can provide the opportunity to as many people as possible. If applying for travel or accommodation we can only cover the cheapest available option. We can cover mileage up to a rate of 20p per mile. We can cover up to 100% of costs for the first £100 of any application (or subsequent application in the same term) we con cover up to 50% of any additional costs.

Applications are subject to approval by the Groundwork team in order to verify need and value for money.

We kindly thank Arts Council of Wales and Coreo Cymru for enabling this fund.

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Groundwork Pro team

We kindly thank Arts Council of Wales and Coreo Cymru for enabling this fund.
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