Foster Application-4 the Love of K9s
Application for fostering a dog with 4 the Love of K9s.
For liability purposes we can not place dogs into homes where there is an in home day care or full time babysitting situation.
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If you have other pets, what are they? Are they up to date on their vaccinations? Are they spayed/neutered? *
If you have pets that are up to date, which vet clinic do you use?        
Do you have small children?         *
How many hours per day would the dog be left at home?     *
Are you willing to transport the dog to vet appointments if necessary?       *
Are you willing to transport the dog to and from adoption events?       *
If you have a Facebook, please go to our page, For the Love of K9's,  and "like" it.             *
If you are approved to foster, are you committed to fostering the dog as long as it takes to get adopted? We don't always know how long it will take. *
Are you committed to having the dog be an "inside" dog with time outside for potty and play only? *
Are you aware and do you accept that all vetting will be provided by 4 the Love of K9's? *
If approved as a qualified foster family, do you understand and accept that while the opinions and thoughts from the foster parent regarding a dog's treatment and adoptions are highly considered and appreciated, Sherry Lee, the 4 the Love of K9's director, has ulitimate and final say in regards to care and placement of the dog? *
Is there a specific dog or dog type you are interested in fostering? *
Any other information we should know about you?         *
Please understand that completing this application does not guarantee approval as a foster parent with our rescue.           *
Please be aware that all foster family approvals are made solely by our director, Sherry Lee.     *
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