Preschool Enrichment Registration

This registration link will allow you to register for Sport, Movement, Art and Tennis

To register for any other Enrichment activities, you must go to the school website at:

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• All classes start at the beginning of each month. • For any mid-month start date, we will require authorization from Administration, and you are still required to pay for the entire month fee.
2 - 5 years old
Class will start with the two years old, then three’s and four’s.
• Schedule: Sept. – May, July & August; Wednesday 9:30AM; Tuition: $35.00
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Movement & Motor Skills
• Schedule: Sept. – May; Thursday 9:00AM; Tuition: $35.00
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3 - 5 years old
Class will start with the three’s and four’s.
Creative Art
• Schedule: Sept. – June; Wednesday 9:00AM; Tuition: $40.00 (Includes materials)
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4 - 5 years old
• Schedule: Sept. – May; Friday 10:00AM; Tuition: $35.00
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• Enrichment tuition is billed at the beginning of each month.
Tuition is Non-Refundable, Non-Transferable, and Non-Prorated.

• A 30-day notice is required for any withdrawal or changes.
All notices must be e-mailed to both:
Mrs. Evon Melchor at
Ms. Justine at
Verbal notices will not be accepted.

• Even though there are no enrichment classes during Holidays, Thanksgiving,
Winter Break, Spring Break, and President’s Week, we still have an average of 3-4 classes
each month since some months have five classes.
The number of classes will equal out throughout the year.

• Mid-month start date will require authorization from Administration.
Parents will still be responsible for the full payment.

Class Expectations:
• Each class is about 30 minutes a session.

• Regardless of your class start time, children are expected to be ready by 9:00AM for
their enrichment classes. We start sharply at the designated times indicated above.
Late arrival will result in missing enrichment class for the day.

• For any further questions regarding the classes curriculum, please contact:

Creative Art: Ms. Megan at

Sports, Tennis and Movement: Coach John Hsu at

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