Data Quality Resources for Citizen and Community Science: add a resource
Use this form to suggest a new resource for inclusion in the list. A basic description is required, completing the metadata is appreciated! Refer to the Field Descriptions tab for a full explanation of each metadata field.
TITLE: what is the title of the resource? *
AUTHOR: person or group who created the resource *
LINK: URL to resource *
KEYWORDS: Descriptive keywords about resource content, applications, etc.
DATA LIFECYCLE: which data lifecycle stages are covered?
INTENDED AUDIENCE: Short description of intended audience for resource (who was the creator of the resource making it for?): e.g. project personnel, data users, internal agency
FORMAT: how is it available to people and how usable is it?
ACCESS: who can access how much of the resources? Is it restricted and how? Public/open ("anyone"), mixed, limited access ("employee only")
SCIENCE AREA: what disciplines/practice areas are represented? Use categories from PPSR Core ->national academies ( Leave specific topics to keywords.
DESCRIPTION: Text description of the content and topics
USAGE NOTES: other descriptive notes relevant to use of the resource
CASE STUDIES: does the resource include case studies or examples? None, One, Multiple
Clear selection
STANDARDS: does the resource link to existing authoritative standards? (e.g., Darwin Core metadata standard, water quality chemical monitoring standards) None, One, Multiple
Clear selection
CREATION PROCESS: Is it an internal document, peer-reviewed, working/task group project, Frank's manifesto? (qualifying authority, reliability, accountability)
Clear selection
DATA TYPES: Carry sensors or pilot vehicles that carry sensors, CSInvent or modify algorithms, IMASort and classify physical objects, SCPOSort and classify digital objects, SCDOCollect physical objects, CPOCollect digital objects, CDOReport observations, RO
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