Workshops for Catholic Collage
One question for the Scripture topic. One question for various themes. One question for other topics. Anything we missed?
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Gospel of John
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Women in the Bible
Conversion (prepare for Lent)
Other Topics
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Evangelization: Bringing family back to God's Catholic Church or How to Talk to "Nones"
Scandal & Crisis - in the Church
The Spiritual World
Current Affairs Through a Catholic Lens (immigration/refugees, healthcare insurance, etc)
Apologetics - Why Do Catholics Do What They Do?
Spirituality & Prayer - Call to Holiness
Redemptive Suffering - Suffering is Good!
Church History (Crusades, Counter-Reformation, Schisms/Heresies in the Church)
Other Catholics, Other Christians, Other Religions
Writings - Wisdom of the Last Three Popes
Catholic Writers (Flannery O'Connor, Fr. Ronald Rolheiser, Henri Nouwen, etc.)
Role of the Laity
Creation, Evolution, Care of the Earth
How to Hear & See the News (Media Bias)
Beauty (Sacred Art ), Truth (Faith & Reason ), Goodness
Seven Deadly Sins & Seven Virtues
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